Addition and Alteration Work:  A Specialty


Additions and alterations, by their nature, are vastly different from new construction.  Being fresh out of the ground, new construction doesn’t need to refer to any existing building conditions.  Additions and alterations, on the other hand, can only be successful if they are designed to work with an existing structure. 

"Green" before Green was popular

“Since I started in this profession, I have been involved continuously in addition projects, by chance more than design, and I learned early the value of older construction methods.  Often, older construction is of higher quality, more durable, than current methods.  When adding to or altering an existing building, it’s necessary to understand the original intent of the design.  When it’s good, build upon it and enhance it; when it’s not, correct it and bring it into a new and more attractive, functional whole.

“Additions should not call attention to themselves.  The best additions are invisible!  The added challenge is working with a multitude of historical styles, while bringing in the best of new technology and planning.

“I believe in utilizing the good that already exists; there is always a way.  This falls right in line with the tenets of Green Building:  rather than tear down, use the embodied energy of existing structures, and make them useful for the future.  Think of the energy and resources required to tear down and replace a sound building:  demolition, carting, disposal, landfill; then add to that the environmental costs for recreating all of those materials to build again.  Staggering!”

This office has designed additions to residences, a factory, commercial buildings, schools, churches, and other buildings.  The experience gained working with all types of construction, and many different uses, is a valuable asset to the Client.


The firm of Mark R. Halstead  Architect has designed nearly 300 projects all over Fairfield County and beyond.  Some are new buildings; most are addition/alteration projects.  All are distinguished by the way in which they met the needs of the clients and the challenges of their sites, through the Architect's personal attention to every stage of design and detail.


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Shopping Center

Residence Addition

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Residence Addition

Residence Addition

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